Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Collection

Okay, let’s all pretend I haven’t been M.I.A for almost a month. College and work have been sucking up all my time but I’m back now. Did you miss me?

Anyway, I’ve spoken so many times about how much I love Charlotte Tilbury and her lipstick range is phenomenal. The colour range is great, they’re wonderful quality and, oh my goodness, the packaging is to die for. Continue reading “Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Collection”


Lush Collection Part 2//Face & Hair

The much anticipated sequel to part one has arrived! I feel like a lot of the hype around Lush is mainly focused on their crazy bath bombs and cute seasonal stuff but for me, their skincare and some of their hair care are the real winners; so without further ado, here are the current skin and hair products in my collection. Continue reading “Lush Collection Part 2//Face & Hair”