Okay, let’s all pretend I haven’t been M.I.A for almost a month. College and work have been sucking up all my time but I’m back now. Did you miss me?

Anyway, I’ve spoken so many times about how much I love Charlotte Tilbury and her lipstick range is phenomenal. The colour range is great, they’re wonderful quality and, oh my goodness, the packaging is to die for. I have lipsticks from both the Matte Revolution range and K.I.S.S.I.N.G range, and both types are long lasting, non drying and beautifully pigmented. Priced at thirty euro each, they are on the expensive side but I really believe that you get what you pay for.

This packaging seriously kills me

I currently have four shades from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range; Bitch Perfect, Stoned Rose, So Marilyn and Night Crimson.

K.I.S.S.I.N.G Shades from left to right: Bitch Perfect, Stoned Rose, So Marilyn, Night Crimson

Bitch Perfect is a pearly pink shade, and was actually the first shade I ever bought. It’s very pretty and subtle, and I feel like it would especially suit very fair skin tones.

Stoned Rose is probably my favourite shade; it’s a very neutral rosy nude colour and it’s the perfect everyday colour for me. If I’m not wearing a bold lip, then I’m almost definitely wearing Stoned Rose.

So Marilyn is, as the name suggests, the perfect Marilyn Monroe-esque red. It’s a bold and bright true red, with cool undertones, which I find so much more flattering than orange-y reds. Pair with winged liner and and you’re basically a Hollywood starlet already.

Night Crimson is a great colour for either adding a statement lip to an otherwise simple look, or for vamping up a dark “go hard or go home” look. It’s a deep reddish purple, and although it seems like one of those colours that would be hard to pull off, it basically does all the work for you. Because these lipsticks never dry my out my lips, I don’t really have to worry about that weird half purple/dry gross mess that some dark lips can produce.

As for the Matte Revolution lipsticks, I have three shades in my collection; Bond Girl, Walk of Shame and Love Liberty.

Matte Revolution Shades from top to bottom: Love Liberty, Walk of Shame, Bond Girl.

Love Liberty is a bright, bold plum colour. I love bright plum tones for the summer time, when dark lip colours can sometimes look a little out of place but I still want to work a statement lip. I adore the finish of these lipsticks; they’re matte, but not overly matte- think “not glossy” rather than “instagram liquid lipstick matte.”

Walk of Shame is my favourite and most worn shade, after Stoned Rose. On bare lips, it’s a subtle deep red, but paired with a liner it’s bold and vivid. I love that versatility, and find that this is great day to night lip colour.

Bond Girl is one of those shades that I wanted just because of the name; I mean, sure, James Bond is basically a misogynist, but if I can pretend to be an undercover spy just by wearing a lipstick then I’m totally going to. All that aside, this is a beautiful kind of mauve shade, and is pretty unique in my collection of lip colours.

I highly, highly recommend these lipsticks, whether you’re fan of high end beauty, or just want to splurge to treat yourself. Being a cruelty free girl means I can’t get on the band wagon for a lot of cult classic lip colours, such as Mac, so Charlotte Tilbury feels like my cruelty free equivalent. Besides, even if you’re not someone who only uses cruelty free products, I guarantee that these are still going to be some of the best lipsticks in your collection.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go wash all this lipstick off my arm.

xo Cíara


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